About Us

Ninja John is a brand of fashion and sundry goods, designed by combining classical Japanese kanji together with a traditional ninja motif.


<Ninja John: This is the Way>

1. Kanji: Choosing the Name of a Ninja

In a sea full of ordinary people, let your ninja spirit soar! At Ninja John, we create custom products designed with your name in Japanese kanji. Enjoy a variety of unique designs tailored to your personal taste. Customize your name’s kanji to your heart’s content, and keep your ninja flare burning bright!

2. Shuriken: Bearing the Mark of a Ninja


Ninja John is a Japanese company, and when we think of Japan, we think of… Ninjas! Therefore, we utilize the famous shuriken, a traditional Japanese ninja weapon, as the motif for our brand’s logo. Now you too can become a ninja with your own custom products bearing not just your name personalized in kanji, but the mark of a ninja as well!

3. Minimalism: Keeping the Code of a Ninja

In Japan, ninjas were most active back in the 16th and 17th century, where they had to dress modestly in order to blend in with commoners while performing their duties as spies. Even while clashing on the battlefield, ninjas did their best not to stand out or paint targets on their backs. In a similar manner, opposed to flashy or otherwise gaudy designs, Ninja John strives to stay true to the Ninja Code by creating simple designs with a minimalist approach.

4. BTO (Built-to-Order): Sustaining the Way of a Ninja

In today’s world brimming with material goods, unsold products are inevitably destined for the ever-growing trash heaps. In order to help contribute to a more sustainable society, Ninja John is committed to manufacturing products on a made-to-order basis. Producing only what is absolutely necessary to fulfill orders allows us to avoid excess inventory. Since we start production only after you place your order, please understand that it takes time before your order is ready to be shipped. We appreciate your understanding of our commitment to protecting the environment.

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