How to write "John" in Japanese kanji(Chinese characters).

How to write "John" in Japanese kanji(Chinese characters).

Japanese uses three distinct writing systems called kanji(Chinese characters), hiragana, and katakana.

Generally, foreign names are not written in kanji, but rather presented in a Japanese alphabet known as katakana. Ninja John can create custom products for you with your name’s kanji(Chinese characters).

For example, if we were to write the name “John” in kanji, it would look like this: 侍恩[Ji-on]

How to write "John" in Japanese kanji(Chinese characters).

The Japanese reading of John is ジョン (Jon), and is generally written in katakana.For this reading of John, we look for possible kanji by thinking of the phonetic characters that make up the name.

The character 侍[Samurai] can be read as “ji,” and means samurai.Since the Japanese alphabets are made up almost entirely of syllables (with the exception of the consonant “N”), “ji” is the closest phonetic representation of the letter “J” in John.

The character 恩[On] can be read as “on,” and has meanings such as “gratitude,” “appreciation,” or “blessing.”
Combining the characters 侍[Samurai] and 恩[On] thus give us the complete kanji for the name John.

Since the kanji 侍恩[Ji-on] makes up the name John phonetically, a Japanese person might not recognize the meaning at first glance. However, if written along with the katakana readingジョン[Jon], it should be understood right away.

The Product Lineup with the name "John" written in Kanji characters is as follows.

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