Terms of Service(for .Personalised Digital Products)

The information on this page supplements this site's Terms of service regarding the sale of Personalised Digital Products. For any content not listed on this page, please review the Terms of service for this site.

(1)The author is Japanese and not very good at English, so he may not be able to understand difficult English or slang.

(2)If you let us know the meaning and origin of your name, or the direction you would like to go with the kanji you would like us to use (e.g., you would like us to use positive kanji, cute kanji, feminine kanji, etc.), we will do our best to create your name’s kanji in accordance with your request. Please let us know using "Special instructions for seller"

If you don't have a specific request, the "Special instructions for seller" field can be left blank. In this case, Ninja John will use his own taste to come up with your name’s own unique kanji.

(3)You can request only one revision before delivery. If you have any requests, such as using a different kanji character, please let us know when you make your revision request. However, please only order if you agree with the style of the calligraphy after viewing Ninja John's portfolio of past works. We do not accept complaints or requests for refunds regarding style.

(4)Payment in advance only. Your order will be processed only after your payment has cleared.

(5)Once payment is confirmed, we will deliver the image as JPEG file within 3 weeks. However, please understand that it may take longer if there are requests for revisions or if there is a rush of orders.

(6)If you order more than one first name or last name, the first name and last name will be delivered as separate images (if you want them to be delivered as one image, please let us know when you place your order).

(7)If the number of names you have requested does not match the price paid (for example, if you request kanji for two names, but only pay for one name), we would then only create kanji for the name(s) for which payment has been cleared.

(8)You will have one week from the date of delivery to let Ninja John know if any revisions are needed. If we do not receive a request for correction within one week of delivery, we will assume that there are no problems with the work and consider the delivery complete.

(9)Refund requests will not be accepted for completed kanji characters for any reason.

(10)While Ninja John will make every effort to ensure that there are no typographical errors or otherwise in the delivered kanji characters, in the unlikely event that an error occurs in the delivered work that causes any sort of loss to you or a third party, Ninja John will reimburse you for up to the amount of the order. In using Ninja John’s service, you hereby agree that these terms are acceptable. In the event of a dispute between you and a third party, Ninja John shall have no involvement whatsoever, and you hereby agree to resolve such a dispute solely between you and your third party.

(11)You may use the work delivered by Ninja John for non-commercial use only.

Specific examples of non-commercial use:

  • Tattooing Ninja John's works on your own body
  • Tattooing Ninja John's kanji characters on someone else's body for free
  • Using Ninja John’s artwork as a profile picture or icon on your social media account.
  • Create merchandise with images of Ninja John's artwork for personal use.
  • Create a free gift for a family member, partner, or friend using a Ninja John image.

(12)If you wish to use Ninja John's artwork for commercial purposes, such as selling merchandise with images of Ninja John's artwork for a fee, we will quote you the cost for the additional fee for your name’s kanji.

(13)By utilizing Ninja John’s service, you hereby agree to allow Ninja John to freely use video (such as of the creation process) and images of your requested name’s kanji on Ninja John's SNS, website, advertisements, etc., as well as to create commercial goods of your requested name’s kanji image created by Ninja John.

(14)When you place an order using Ninja John’s service, it will be processed under the assumption that you have agreed to all of the above terms of service prior to placing the order.